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2022 YZF-R7

2022 YZF-R7 for sale at Wild West Motorsports.

Torquey CP2 Powerplant

Yamaha’s proven 689cc liquid-cooled, inline 2-cylinder DOHC fuel-injected CP2 engine delivers excellent power and performance throughout the rpm range for an exhilarating ride and a true supersport experience. Its 270-degree crankshaft delivers linear torque for exciting acceleration and limited vibration.

Linear Torque With Smooth Acceleration

The all-new YZF-R7 boasts a 270-degree crankshaft that delivers a tactile experience of pulse and acceleration with limited vibration. The CP2 engine provides the rider a linear-feeling direction connection from the throttle to the rear wheel.

All-New A&S Clutch

A first for Yamaha’s CP2 platform, the all-new Assist and Slipper clutch reduces clutch lever force providing seamless downshifts and a controlled feeling over the bike’s engine braking that helps make the supersport experience more accessible to more riders. For fast and smooth upshifts, an optional Quick Shift System (QSS) is also available on the YZF-R7.

Quick Shift System for Smooth Upshifts

An optional Quick Shift System (QSS) can be paired with the YZF-R7 to help provide speedy, smooth upshifts. When the sensor on the shift rod detects movement in the gearshift lever, adjustments are made in the engine output according to ECU calculations to instantly cancel out the drive torque of the engaged gear to promote swifter shifting of gears.

Strong and Lightweight Pistons

Forged aluminum pistons with direct-plated cylinders integrated with the crank case makes for lighter weight and excellent strength at higher temperatures, ensuring reliability at higher rpm.

YZF-R7 has Supersport Riding Position.

Supersport Riding Position

The carefully developed rider’s triangle puts you in a clear supersport riding position. The YZF-R7’s racing-inspired cockpit puts you in a comfortable confidence-inspiring position. A new seat, combined with new tank covers featuring deep knee pockets, provides optimal hip and knee positioning. Riders get the freedom to adjust positions while also maintaining a firmly planted feeling in corners plus sturdy body hold under braking. Separate clip-on handlebars are set in relation to the riders hips and footpeg positions for an aggressive rider position.

Inverted Front Fork

The YZF-R7 features a preload, rebound and compression adjustable inverted KYB 41mm front fork featuring optimized spring rates and damping settings for an excellent front-end feel during cornering and braking.

Lightweight Frame Tuned for Rigidity Balance

A high-strength steel frame with a rigid-mount aluminum center brace provides an optimized balance of rigidity for linear and nimble responsiveness to rider input.

Monocross Rear Shock

The all-new linked-type Monocross single-shock design reduces weight and further centralizes mass. Its adjustable spring preload and rebound damping are tuned to strike a balance between ride comfort and sporty performance, for capability across a wide range of uses, from urban commuting to track days.

YZF-R7 has Potent Braking.

Potent Braking

A newly-designed radial brake master cylinder from Brembo combined with radial-mounted front brake calipers on dual 298mm front brake rotors optimize braking pressure for linear delivery with excellent performance and controllability.

Thin Proportions for Perfect Control

All-new dimensions give the YZF-R7 the slimmest proportions of the entire R-Series family, aiding in sporty riding with optimal handling for cornering on the track and agility for changing lean directions on twisty roads. The slim design reduces wind resistance for optimal aerodynamics with new bodywork that incorporates the rider’s body to influence the flow of air around the bike.

Sporty New Suspension

The YZF-R7 features an inverted 41mm front fork with optimized spring rate and damping settings for an excellent front-end feel during cornering and braking. An all-new linked-type Monocross single-shock with adjustable spring preload and rebound damping strikes a balance between ride comfort and supersport performance, for capability across a wide range of uses, from urban commuting to track days.

Digital LCD Instrumentation

A new full-LCD instrument panel informs the rider of gear position, fuel capacity, real-time and average fuel economy, water temp, clock, and more—all presented in a high-contrast display.

YZF-R7 has Adaptive Bi-functional Led Headlight.

Adaptive Bi-functional Led Headlight

The iconic R-Series M-shaped intake duct and twin-eye look compliments the all-new YZF-R7 along with an adaptive bi-functional LED headlight. LED Lighting Light Emitted Diode (LED) elements are used for the front and rear turn signals, the tail light unit and the headlights. Not only do LEDs offer long life with minimal power draw, they provide brilliant illumination for confidence and visibility day or night.

YZF-R7 has Refined Sportbike Ergonomics.

Refined Sportbike Ergonomics

Thanks to the low-profile fuel tank design and compact clip-on handlebar position, the rider is able to naturally grip the machine for confidence, especially when tucking aggressively behind the windscreen on the racetrack.

Sleek R-series Styling

The YZF-R7’s aggressive new design is next generation R-Series styling, with the slimmest bodywork in the supersport lineup for optimal aerodynamics, handling and agility. The glaring face of the YZF-R7 features a compact LED headlight housed in the iconic M-shaped intake duct, while its sharp tail is reminiscent of the YZF-R1.